Semi annual report January - June 2008

Technical report
Annexure 6 – Format for half yearly progress report (January to June 2008)
List of appendices to Annexure 6
Status of workplan as on June 30, 2008
Appendix 1
Proceedings of National Monitoring and Evaluation workshop and Steering committee Meeting held on March 15-16, 2008
Appendix 2
Proceedings of National Monitoring and Evaluation workshop and Steering committee Meeting held on June 21-22, 2008
Appendix 3
Proceedings of the Policy Meeting held in January 2008
Appendix 4
Proceedings of the stakeholders meeting in Garhwal Himalaya in June 2008
Appendix 5
Papers on Ecosystem services – Literature review
Appendix 6
Draft reports and data of the Himalayan study area – monitoring of demonstration plots
Appendix 7
Preliminary findings of Tea garden study for economic evaluation in Kerala
Appendix 8
Arbuscular Mycorrhiza paper of Karnataka study area
Appendix 9
(a) Benchmark study area description – socioeconomic angle – Karnataka study area
Appendix 10
(b) Benchmark study area description – ecological angle – Karnataka study area
Appendix 10
Synthesis reports Phase I – Karnataka study area
Appendix 11
Synthesis reports Phase I – Kerala study area
Appendix 12
Synthesis report Phase I – Himalayan study area
Appendix 13
Legume diversity in Himalaya
Appendix 14
Nitrogen fixation ability of legumes in Himalaya
Appendix 15
Anthropogenic pressures and management issues in Himalaya
Appendix 16
Country synthesis paper on Macro fauna by Prof. M.C. Dash
Appendix 17
Country synthesis paper  - land use intensification
Appendix 18
Data processing for soil biodiversity – land use intensification – ecosystem properties relationships
Appendix 19
The outline of Macrofauna training course planned for August 8-10, 2008
Appendix 20
Participation of National Coordinator in meetings
Appendix 21
List of students associated with the project
Appendix 22
Presentation on the country programme to GEF operational point in Delhi
Appendix 23
List of publications during January-June 2008
Appendix 24
Paper published in Environmentalist
Appendix 25
Paper published in Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
Appendix 26
Report on Soil health by Prof. S. P. Sharma
Appendix 27
Financial report
Expenditure statement (total receipts and expenditure – Phase II – upto 30th June 2008 signed by the authorities of the National convening institute
Annexure 3 Cash advance statement as on July 2008
CPC Statement of allocation (budget), expenditure and balance expressed in US $ covering the period Jan 2007 to June 2008
Budget revision as on July 2008 – GEF grant component
Annexure 4B Cofinancing statement
Cofinancing details for tranche II (details of information in annexure 4b)
Annexure 5 - Details of permanent equipment