Phase II

Draft Reports and Minutes of the Meetings/Workshops


1 Assessment of nitrogen fixing ability of cultivated legumes in Central Himalaya pdf
2 Spatio - temporal dynamics of diversity of traditional grain legumes in Central Himalaya pdf
3 Assessment of anthropogenic pressure, traditional rights and natural resource management issues: A case study from Central Himalaya pdf
4 Characterizing land use diversity in village landscapes for sustainable mountain development: A case study from Indian Himalaya pdf
5 University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore: Meaning pdf
6 University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore: Indicators for the loss of BGBD across a gradient of land use types in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Benchmark site, Western Ghats, Karnataka pdf
7 University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore: Meaning of soil biological quality and methods for characterizing demonstrations pdf
8 University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore: Ex ante analysis of feasibility and viability of selection options for demonstration/ experimentation - improved soil organic management, crop management and compositing technologies for enhanced soil microbial function pdf
9 Kerala Forest Research Institute: Soil health analysis using earthworms as the indicator - Possibility and Constraints pdf
10 Kerala Forest Research Institute: Land use transformation and loss of belowground biodiversity - An analysis pdf
11 Kerala Forest Research Institute: Litter decomposition as an ecosystem services pdf
12 Kerala Forest Research Institute: On - farm participatory activities for soil fertility improvement and belowground biodiversity conservation - An ex ante evaluation pdf
13 Improving soil health for sustainable development of agriculture in Himalaya - Original manuscript of  Prof. S. P. Sharma pdf
14 Soil Quality and health: A review - National Coordination Office pdf
15 Eco - Friendly hill specific, cost effective and appropriate technologies for sustainable rural development - A publication of G. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development pdf